Vascular and Lymphoedema Management

Our lymphoedema therapists have completed specialised training in assessment and management of primary and secondary lymphoedema. They are also trained in treating vascular disease, post trauma acute and chronic oedemas, as well as the management of ulcers and wounds.

Our therapists will conduct a thorough assessment, and create a customised treatment plan specially designed for you, or your patient’s needs.

Our goal for treatment is to ensure the individual can manage their condition effectively, and as independently as possible, whilst also maintaining a high quality of life.

Our vascular and lymphoedema services include:

• An individualised complete decongestive therapy plan.
• Patient assessment and education.
• Use of a SOZO Bio-Impedance Spectroscopy machine to detect the presence of lymphoedema in
an at-risk limb – available only at Greenslopes, Icon Redland and Icon Springfield clinics.
• Manual lymphatic drainage massage.
• Prescription of a personalised exercise program.
• Skin and soft tissue assessment and advice.
• Scar management and desensitization.
• Wound care – including chronic wounds and ulcers.
• Multi-layer bandaging to reduce the size of the limb, soften fibrotic oedema and enhancelymphatic and venous function.
• Prescription of both off-shelf and custom-made compression garments.
• Prescription and demonstration of aides and devices to assist with donning and doffing garments.

For patients who are unable to attend our clinics, TELEHEALTH CONSULTATIONS are now available.

To arrange an appointment, please contact us directly. No referral necessary.